About me

I am a firm believer that difficulties with mental health are largely due to experiences across a person's lifespan. That means I do not believe that something is inherently "wrong" with anyone. We all learn from and adapt to our environment, which can be supportive, threatening or sometimes even abusive.

Human beings are born survivors and adapt to the worst of circumstances. The coping strategies we develop over time are sometimes not sufficient when we have a change in our circumstances, be that a change for the better or for the worse. Or sometimes, even if everything stays the same in life, we have been strong for so long that our coping strategies are simply not helpful anymore.

My aim is to help you discover how your life experience has shaped you and which coping strategies or patterns of behaviour you have developed as a result. We will explore which of these no longer serve you and how you change them in a way that allows you to live life to your personal values.

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