Anxiety (This includes all anxiety presentations, for example general anxiety and worries, phobias, obsessive-compulsive thoughts and behaviours, panic attacks etc.)
Mood disorders (For example depression, mood swings, bipolar presentations, etc.)
Trauma and complex trauma (Whether you have experienced a single traumatic event or many instances of trauma and abuse, I am happy to help. This includes Personality Disorders.)
Grief and bereavement (Please note that grief is a normal reaction to loss and often does not benefit from counselling in the first few months after the bereavement. Get in touch if you are unsure whether therapy is right for you.)
Adjustment to life changing events (Such as changes in health, relationships, employment, relocation etc.)
Relationship difficulties (for individuals)
Addicitve behaviours (Such as spending, gambling, binge drinking etc. However, I do not see clients that require a medically supervised detox.)
Asperger's or High-functioning Autism (I can help with psychological or social difficulties you may experience. I also offer ASD assessments in certain circumstances, please enquire.)
Stress and Burnout
Low self-esteem
Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
Anger management
Issues around (in)fertility and pregnancy loss
Please enquire for any other issues not listed here.

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